Artificial intelligence:
a game changer for the Insurance Advisors

Free yourself from the writing constraints of your Reason Why Letters.
Insurloop: the unmatched ally for Insurance Advisors in Canada.

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Revolutionize your work with the power of generative AI

Stay compliant and simplify the creation of your Reason Why Letters with our advanced generative AI model. Say goodbye to time-wasting and the hassle of finding the right words! Insurloop analyzes the specifics of each transaction and generates customized content instantly.

Increase productivity, save valuable time, and stay compliant

Security and confidentiality

Our priority is the security and confidentiality of our application and customer data in the cloud, exclusively hosted in Canada. In accordance with the AWS Well-Architected framework, our robust approach incorporates a multi-layer security strategy and anonymization of your customers' personal information.

Easily import your clients

Import your clients from your CRM in CSV file format, directly into the platform.

Client Needs Matching Guide

Easily identify your clients' insurance and investment needs, as well as the reasons for the recommended product purchase, which will be automatically included in the Reason Why Letter.

Automatic and Intelligent Writing

Capture the details of your sales, then let your Reason Why Letter be automatically written using information powered by generative AI.

Products from over 20 insurers

Insurloop makes available on its platform products from over 20 Canadian insurers, including insurance, riders, segregated funds, guaranteed investments, and annuities. This will undoubtedly simplify the drafting of your Reason Why Letter.

Secure Sending of the Reason Why Letter

At the final step, you can securely send the Reason Why Letter to your client with a proof of delivery directly from the platform.

Insurloop: A First Step Towards Using Artificial Intelligence in Your Practice
A few statistics...
According to a study by Microsoft Canada (2023 data)

Revolutionize work through the power of generative AI

Are You Truly Effective?

54% of Canadian respondents admit to struggling with having the time and energy required to perform their work effectively.

Your Time is Valuable

62% of survey respondents say they have trouble spending too much time searching for information in their workday.

Innovation in Your Practice

55% of Canadian executives are concerned about the lack of innovation within their teams.

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FAQs are a compilation of common questions and answers to help you quickly find the information you need.

An assistant collaborates with 3 advisors in our firm. Is it possible for us to provide her with access to the platform?

Yes! In that case, you'll need to register the 3 advisors with Team Plan, and your assistant will have unrestricted access to all the clients in your firm.

Will my clients be automatically imported with a gateway from my CRM?

No, we are collaborating with various CRMs to build gateways with Insurloop, which will be available later. However, Insurloop offers the client import function directly into the platform, using a CSV file.

Will the information be protected and remain confidential?

Yes, the protection of personal information is a priority for Insurloop. We employ a multi-layered security strategy and anonymization of your clients' personal information. Furthermore, all data is exclusively hosted on servers located in Canada.

Will I receive support to help me use the platform?

Yes! We will be happy to assist you based on your availability.

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